Frequently Asked Questions



  1. Can I shop online for health insurance and get a lower premium?

  2. Will I be subject to pre-existing conditions?

  3. Why does my insurance rate increase every year?

  4. Why do I need disability insurance? 

  5. What are supplemental products? 

  6. What are health savings accounts (HSAs)?

Can I shop online for health insurance and get a lower premium?

The premium cost is the same whether you shop online or use an agent.  The advantage of using an agent, is having someone who can explain your options to you so you know what you are purchasing.  At Aspen Insurance we are also here to answer any benefit or claims questions for you, and to help you resolve any problems. 


Will I be subject to pre-existing conditions?
Under group insurance law, if you have had 12 months of continuous coverage, you cannot be subject to pre-existing conditions.
For individual policies, insurance companies can accept you, rider specific conditions, rate up for specific conditions or decline coverage.  It is best to discuss your specific situation with your agent who can help you find a company that will meet your needs.

Why does my insurance rate increase every year?
There are several reasons that health insurance rates increase:  increased costs from providers, increase in medical care received by insureds, increased cost of prescriptions, increased benefits mandated by the state, and the cost-shift from Medicare/Medicaid and uninsureds to the private insureds.

Why do I need disability insurance?
Your ability to earn income is the highest risk that you should have insurance coverage for.  If you were not able to work due to a disability could you pay your mortgage/rent, your car payment, buy food?  Disability insurance covers a percentage of your lost wages should you become disabled.

 Age Probability
 30  51%
 35  48%
 45  40%
 50 34%


What are supplemental products?
Supplement products are designed to complement your health insurance, not replace it.  Supplemental products pay you directly and can help offset your deductible, out of pocket expenses, even travel expenses with some policies.  There are a variety of supplement products available, such as:  short-term disability, accident, life, critical illness, hospital, cancer, dental and vision.  Supplement products work well with high deductible health plans.

What are health savings accounts (HSAs)?
HSAs go hand in hand with high deductible health plans.  The health insurance plan must meet specific guidelines that were set up by the federal government.  You can then open a HSA at your personal bank.  It is typically set up similar to a checking account.  You may then put money into this account to pay for your expenses.  This money is considered pre-tax dollars.  If it is contributed via payroll reduction, it can be taken out of you check pre-tax.  If you contribute directly to your own account, it is considered an above the line deduction (before your adjusted gross income).  You should check with your tax account to see if this would benefit you.  Aspen Insurance can then give you some options for health insurance plans that meet the federal guidelines.

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